Chess valley walk

As much as I love London, it can be quite overwhelming at times. All the hustle and bustle of the big city that I usually love can sometimes be a bit to much. So recently I’ve taking some day trips outside of London to recharge my batteries.

I’m not a city person at all (with the exception of my one true love, London). I much rather prefer the calm and quit of the the countryside. My dream forever home is a big house on the countryside outside off London. So that’s where I decided to go last weekend, the countryside. My best friend Michelle and I packed our rucksacks full with lots of deliciousness to enjoy on our day.

We got on the tube with Rickmansworth as our destination. It’s amazing how far you can go with just your Oyster card. An hour later we arrived, ready to take on the hike we had planned. Me, as the lover of hiking that I am, had been googling for hours after easy day hikes that we could reach with the tube from London. With no luck on that matter we decided to go the same hike me and my friend Hilda had hiked last year. The surroundings of the hike are so pretty I didn’t mind seeing it again.

15 minutes into the hike we realised that we were lost. We sat down on the side of the road and studied the map hard, trying to figure out where we could have taken a wrong turn. We must have looked pretty distressed because after a few minutes we see a police car (!!) pull up beside us. A little bit shocked and embarrassed we told the police that we were hiking the chess valley walk and that we were lost. He happily told us the way and of we went. We managed to stay on the right track for 30 min and then we were lost again. But as they say, from something bad comes something good. The views on the chess valley walk are amazing! And if we hadn’t taken the wrong turn somewhere we wouldn’t have seen the beautiful little village Sarrat. 

After a few hours we managed to find where we were on the map and a few hours and 22 km later we arrived at our destination, Chesham! Oh the joy and relief! We were tired and hungry so with no time to waste we hurried to the station and got on the next train back to London.

All and all it was a successful day, even though we got lost. But thanks to our poor map reading skills we got to see villages and views that we hadn’t otherwise seen.

I can really recommend this hike, although it’s more of a very long walk. Chess valley walk is definitely one of my favourite day hikes.

You can follow me and Michelle’s travels on our instagram account @thetravellingswedes. We try to upload as often as we can



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