My first year in London (part 2)

Read part 1 first!
…Walking in the neighbourhoods I had loved during the summer didn’t seem as pretty as they once did. For a few weeks I contemplated wether I should move back to Sweden or not. But then I thought, I’m in the most beautiful big city in the world! Why don’t I make something of it? So I made an effort to finding new friends to explore the city with and the friends I made I’m sure I will have for life (thanks Facebook). It’s weird how much having people you like around you can change your perspective. With friends to enjoy London with I saw the beauty of London at autumn. Autumn turned to Christmas (my favourite holiday of the year) and once again I fell in love with city. I’ve never seen such beautiful Christmas lights! The decorated shop windows, Christmas trees, pubs with cosy fireplaces and the Christmas fairs. I loved it! Christmas turned to winter then spring then summer and here I am. Every season just as beautiful and amazing as the other.
When I was asked by my work in June if I wanted to stay another year I didn’t hesitate a second. I would never leave London for the world. This is where I’m happy and this is where I’m going to stay.


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